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/vip-go-mu-plugins directory

The VIP Go MU (“Must Use”) plugins are deployed to all VIP Go WordPress applications. The MU plugins codebase provides VIP Go WordPress applications with integration to the VIP Go infrastructure, e.g. cache management, as well as various helper functions and performance enhancements commonly used by applications hosted on our platform.

Our MU plugins are open sourced. You can follow their development on our GitHub repository here:

If you simply want a “built” copy of the code, avoiding the complexities of submodules, then the simplest way to get that is from our “built” repository:

Your local development environment must include a copy of our MU plugins; without it, customizations, core behaviors, and functionality you test locally can often behave differently in a VIP Go environment. Be sure to keep this up to date.

Last updated: April 09, 2021