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Install PHPCS at the project level

Installing PHPCS at the project level limits the availability of PHPCS to only from within that project directory. Following these instructions will install:


PHPCS commands on a local machine running Windows may require different formatting than the command examples shown below.


In the local machine’s terminal:

  1. Before beginning installation, ensure that Composer itself is up to date:
composer self-update && composer global update
  1. Navigate (cd) to the root of the project.
  2. Run the following command to add or update composer.json and composer.lock files and a vendor/ directory (the vendor/ directory can optionally be ignored in version control):
composer require --dev automattic/vipwpcs

Command formatting

When PHPCS is installed locally (at the project level), it will be necessary to format the commands shown below directly referencing the executable at vendor/bin/phpcs instead of phpcs.

For example, this command:

phpcs -i

should instead be formatted as:

vendor/bin/phpcs -i

Last updated: December 23, 2023

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