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GitHub build status

During analysis by the VIP Code Analysis Bot, the GitHub interface will display a build status showing that analysis is In progress:

Example of a build description displaying “Pending — In progress”

Once the analysis is complete, the status will be updated to show the result.

The Bot will indicate No significant issues found when no problems were found, or when only problems of warning severity were found. One or more error feedback items will lead to a failure build status. Any noted Informational comments do not influence the status. 

Screenshot of a successful build returning the build description “No significant issues found”

If no PHP linting or PHPCS/SVG issues were found in the code of a pull request, and the pull request cannot be automatically approved, the Bot will also submit a comment stating that No issues were found to report when scanning latest commit (commit-ID: …).

Screenshot of a comment from the Bot stating that “No issues were found to report when scanning latest commit”

The build status provided by the Bot pertains only to the results of analysis of the relevant commit itself, and any commits before it not analyzed so far. Older feedback items already posted do not influence the build status.

Maximum execution time

The Bot has a maximum execution time of ten minutes. If this is exceeded the GitHub build status will show failure, without any message from the Bot.

This indicates that the Bot could not complete the scan – usually because there were too many files or some of the files were very large. In this situation, the pull request can still be merged or a VIP code review can be requested.

Larger pull requests take more time for the Bot to execute analysis, and submitting smaller pull requests is encouraged whenever possible.

Last updated: December 22, 2023

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