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Version updates for PHP

The version of PHP currently running on an environment can be referenced:

The version of PHP running on a VIP Platform WordPress environment can be managed in the Software Versions panel of the VIP Dashboard.

Version support policy

VIP only supports versions of PHP that are currently eligible for security fixes ( i.e. 8.1, 8.2).

All relevant common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) notices for PHP are acted on as quickly as possible by the VIP Team.

Version releases

Advance notice and scheduling details for upcoming major release versions of PHP are posted in the VIP Lobby.

PHP’s Semantic Versioning structures release versions as <major>.<minor>.<patch> to indicate if a release is major, minor, or security related.

As a major release approaches, customers should set time aside to prepare application code for a PHP version update. Application code should be scanned and modified as needed to resolve any identified incompatibilities with the updated version of PHP.

Non-production environments should be updated to the new release version where the application code can undergo additional testing. Taking time to scan, test, and update application code to be compatible with the new release version helps to ensure that the update process on production goes smoothly.

Last updated: June 05, 2024

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