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Jetpack connections

By default, when a WordPress single site or a network site on a WordPress multisite is created, the Jetpack plugin is automatically enabled for that site.

A system process runs every hour after the site’s Jetpack connection is created to check that it is still active. If the system detects that the connection is not active, it will automatically attempt to reconnect. A site’s Jetpack connection can be disrupted if the site’s address URL is updated, for example during a site launch.

When enabled, Jetpack plugin automatically creates a connection to This connection is required for features such as Jetpack Stats and Jetpack Activity Log.

If a site’s connection to Jetpack is disrupted and does not reconnect over a reasonable amount of time, create a VIP Support request for assistance.

WPVIP machine user

Jetpack and Akismet connections are registered with the WPVIP machine user wpcomvip. Thewpcomvip user provisions the Jetpack Complete plan for a site. The machine user is required for the platform to manage Jetpack connections and should not be removed.

The wpcomvip machine user will be listed as a registered user for a WordPress site. Logins for the machine user are disabled, and as a result two-factor authentication for that user is also disabled.

Prevent Jetpack from automatically connecting

If a site on an environment needs to be opted out of the automated reconnection behavior of Jetpack, define VIP_JETPACK_AUTO_MANAGE_CONNECTION as false in vip-config.php:


Prevent Jetpack from loading


This is uncommon and will completely skip loading Jetpack. Be aware that the environment may lose required functionality and features (e.g., Jetpack Activity Log, Jetpack Social, Jetpack SSO). Do not add this constant unless it has been fully tested against the application on a non-production environment, and there is confidence that Jetpack features will not be used any time in the future.

To prevent Jetpack from loading in an environment define VIP_JETPACK_SKIP_LOAD as true in vip-config.php:

define( 'VIP_JETPACK_SKIP_LOAD', true );

Last updated: March 19, 2024