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/vip-config directory

The /vip-config directory contains a file named vip-config.php.

On the VIP Platform, settings that are usually added to wp-config.php (e.g. domain redirects) in typical WordPress installs should instead be added to vip-config.php.

  • Most of WordPress (e.g., WordPress core, all of VIP MU plugins, and all theme and plugin files) is not available when this file is loaded, and many WordPress constants are not yet defined. No classes or functions defined in plugins or themes are available, and calling them in this file will result in a fatal error.
  • Do not store API keys and secrets in vip-config.php. Define API keys and secrets by setting environment variables with VIP-CLI.


Fatal or syntax errors in this file are likely to cause an entire site or multisite to be unavailable. All updates made to vip-config.php should be tested in a non-production environment before deploying to production.

WordPress constants

Several WordPress constants typically found in wp-config.php are already defined by the VIP Platform and cannot be redefined and overridden by the customer. These constants include database settings, security keys, as well as:


Attempts to redefine these constants in vip-config.php will fail and potentially generate warnings and errors that can negatively affect the ability for the VIP Dashboard and VIP-CLI to interact with the environment.

Last updated: December 26, 2023

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