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VIP Cloud authentication

VIP Cloud authentication allows users to log in to the VIP Dashboard securely, using their or user accounts as part of a multi-factor authentication login process.


  • A user must have a user account with either GitHub or
  • The user account must be registered with the same email address to which the VIP Dashboard invitation was sent.
  • The type of user account selected for authentication the first time a user logs in (GitHub or must be the same authentication method used for logging in each time afterward. The two methods cannot be used interchangeably.

Set up VIP Cloud authentication

The first time a user logs into the VIP Dashboard with either GitHub or, they will be prompted to complete the “Keep Your Account Safe” step by selecting a VIP Cloud authentication method:

  • Google authenticator or similar: Scan the displayed QR code with an authenticator application (e.g., Authy or Google Authenticator) for one-time passcodes to be generated by that application.
  • SMS: Select “SMS” for one-time passcodes to be sent to a user’s phone via SMS.
  • Security Key: Select “Security Key” for one-time passcodes to be generated by a physical security key device (e.g. YubiKey).

Enter the one-time passcode generated by the chosen authentication method into the field labeled “Enter the one-time code“.

Last updated: December 28, 2023

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