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Sign in to the VIP Dashboard with

Using a user account for multi-factor authentication to log in to the VIP Dashboard also requires VIP Cloud authentication.


To use a user account for authentication, it must be registered with the same email address to which the VIP Dashboard invitation was sent.


A user account is separate and different from the user account created to log in to a WordPress site hosted on the VIP Platform.

If a user account is selected for authentication the first time a user logs in, it must be the authentication method used for logging in each time afterward. The GitHub and authentication methods cannot be used interchangeably.

To sign in with a user account:

  1. Navigate to the VIP Dashboard.
  2. Select the button labeled “Sign in with“.
    • If the user is not currently logged into their user account in that browser, they will be directed to a login prompt labeled “Howdy! Log in to VIP Cloud with your account.”
    • After successfully logging in to, the next screen will display the message “Howdy! Would you like to log in to VIP Cloud using your account?”
    • Select the button labeled “Approve“.
  3. Retrieve the one-time passcode generated by the VIP Cloud authentication method that was chosen earlier.
  4. Enter the passcode into the field labeled “Enter your one-time code“.
    • Users can select the option for VIP Cloud authentication to “Remember this device for 30 days”.
  5. Select the “Continue” button.


It is not required to have two-factor authentication enabled for a user account, but it is strongly encouraged. Enabling two-factor authentication for third-party user accounts whenever possible is one of many security recommendations for users.

Last updated: December 28, 2023

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