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Database Backups

Database backups for WordPress environments can be viewed and downloaded in the application view of the VIP Dashboard and with VIP-CLI. Database backups are useful for internal security policies, to automate regular data ingestion for analysis systems, and can be imported to local development environments.

By default:

  • Databases for production environments are backed up every hour, including custom tables, and non-production databases are backed up daily.
  • The hourly backups of a production environment are available for download within the most recent three days (72 hours). Beyond that time frame, daily backups are available for download.
  • Backups are encrypted at rest before being replicated to Amazon AWS S3 utilizing encryption in transit and retained for 30 days.
  • Backup SQL database download files are in a gzip-compressed plain text format with the file extension *.sql.gz.
  • For WordPress multisite, only backup copies of the main network site (ID 1) will include the multisite global tables of the database (e.g., wp_blogs, wp_users).
  • Database backup copies for specific tables will include data for the requested tables, and commented out lines for all other tables that exist in the database.

Last updated: December 22, 2023

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