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Troubleshoot WooCommerce

When troubleshooting an issue with WooCommerce core or extensions, the first step is to reproduce the issue in a local development environment and a non-production environment. Set up the local development environment by following the outlined steps for provisioning the VIP application’s codebase and the VIP MU plugins.

Once the issue is consistently reproduced in these environments, work through the following steps to isolate and resolve the issue. 

  1. Enable WooCommerce Debugging in both environments. Optionally, for the VIP Go non-production environment, New Relic custom error logging can be set up as well. Review the debug logs for relevant information.
  2. Write out a simple test case that others can follow to reproduce the issue consistently. Documented steps to reproduce the issue are helpful if escalation to internal or external support resources are needed such as extension developers or VIP Support.
  3. Investigate if updates are available for the WooCommerce Core or WooCommerce extensions. If updates are available, update each component individually to test if the update resolves the issue.
  4. Check for WooCommerce extension and other plugin conflicts. Disable all other extensions and plugins except for WooCommerce Core and the extension in question. If the issue ceases to exist, then it is likely a plugin conflict. Test further by activating each plugin/extension individually and try to reproduce the error. Make a note of each plugin/extension that causes the issue.
  5. Test for theme compatibility. Switch from your current theme to a WooCommerce supported theme such as Storefront. If the issue ceases to exist, then it is likely a theme compatibility issue.
  6. Check for compatibility issues with VIP MU plugins. Remove /vip-go-mu-plugins from the local development environment and try to reproduce the issue. If the issue ceases to exist, there is likely a conflict with the platform’s must-use plugins. If this is the case, report the issue to VIP Support and include the steps to reproduce.

Additional resolution steps for WooCommerce extensions

If a WooCommerce extension is determined to be the underlying issue:

  • Review the extension documentation on
  • If the documentation can not resolve the issue, follow the support guidelines for the extension. These are typically located at the bottom of the extension documentation on, and WooCommerce Support usually has direct communication with the extension development team.
  • If additional support is needed to resolve the issue, contact VIP Support.

Last updated: December 26, 2023

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