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wp-parsely plugin

By default, is available for all WordPress sites on the VIP Platform as a lightweight platform plugin called wp-parsely. The wp-parsely plugin is included in VIP MU plugins and can be enabled for a site by a VIP Support request.

When wp-parsely is enabled, the JavaScript tracker code is automatically added to all of a site’s pages. The tracker is a small JavaScript code that monitors user visits and relays that data to the analytics servers.

Version updates and maintenance

Versions of wp-parsely on WPVIP Platform WordPress environments are managed by VIP MU plugins. By default, the production branch of VIP MU plugins will always deploy the most current version of wp-parsely.

Advance notice and details of upcoming wp-parsely releases are posted in the VIP Lobby. An upcoming version of wp-parsely is made available on the staging branch of VIP MU plugins where it can be tested on non-production environments. The staging branch of VIP MU plugins can be configured to deploy to a non-production environment in the Software Versions panel of the VIP Dashboard.

Last updated: March 27, 2024

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