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Enabling and disabling wp-parsely

The wp-parsely plugin is made available to all WordPress sites on the VIP Platform by VIP MU plugins.

Create a VIP Support request for assistance with enabling or disabling wp-parsely for a site.

When enabled for a site, the wp-parsely plugin will begin to collect data. Data collection over an extended period of time is necessary for the dashboard and plugin features to provide useful content insights and suggestions (e.g. the Content Helper).

Full integration, which includes access to a site’s dashboard, is only available with a paid contract. Customers who are interested in integration should reach out to their Relationship Manager or submit a demo request.

Disabling the wp-parsely plugin entirely is strongly discouraged

After enablement, if wp-parsely—or the Javascript tracker code—is disabled for any period of time, historical data for a site will not be available if the plugin is re-enabled. A period of time will be required for data to accumulate once more.

Last updated: January 25, 2024

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