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Convenience domain

New environments on the VIP Platform are provisioned with a convenience domain. The convenience domain is a subdomain of either or (e.g.

Convenience domains are intended for environments to use during initial development and to facilitate pre-launch tasks. VIP does not allow sites on a production environment to launch with the convenience domain. For a site on production to be publicly accessible, it must be launched with a custom domain (e.g.

All convenience subdomains of

  • Are protected by DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) from threats such as DNS spoofing and cache poisoning.
  • Support IPv6. The IPv6 AAAA record value for a convenience domain can be retrieved with the terminal command: host <convenience_domain>.

Non-production environments

Because non-production environments are not intended to be publicly accessible, they can always use the or convenience domain assigned to them.

If desired, the convenience domain of a non-production environment can be replaced with a custom domain (e.g. The convenience domain for an environment can be replaced with a custom domain by using the single site launch tool, or the network site launch tool.

Last updated: February 16, 2024

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