Skip to content is a content analytics platform that gives creators, marketers, and developers the tools to understand content performance and prove content value.

By default, is available for all WordPress sites on the VIP Platform as a lightweight platform plugin called wp-parsely. The wp-parsely plugin is included in VIP MU plugins and the enabled plugin automatically adds the JavaScript tracker code to all pages of a WordPress VIP site. The tracker is a small JavaScript code that monitors user visits and relays them to the analytics servers.

Features accessible to all VIP customers

When wp-parsely is enabled on a site, data is collected to inform features such as the Content Helper and the Recommendations Block. As historical data collection for a site grows over time, features provide content creators more valuable insights on the performance of their content.

The Content Helper is available to all VIP customers at no additional cost as of fall 2023. To request access to the Content Helper, VIP customers should reach out to VIP Support.

The Content Helper is integrated with the WordPress Admin post editor and provides content creators with real-time insights on the post or page they are currently editing. The Content Helper highlights:

  • Past performance for published posts
  • Related Top Posts in the WordPress editor
  • analytics data when viewing posts in a list view
  • analytics data in a WordPress dashboard widget

The Content Helper features that are available within the WordPress editor can only be used with the WordPress Block Editor. It is incompatible with the WordPress Classic Editor.

Features accessible only with a paid contract

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard is where the collected data for a site is visualized. The dashboard provides content analytics and insights, and users can access real-time or historical data to learn more about content performance via a number of aspects.
  • Data Pipeline (DPL): The Data Pipeline makes it possible to access real-time user interaction data that can be used to build in-house analytics websites or mobile applications.
  • API: The Analytics API is AI-powered and provides multiple endpoints for customers to access their analytics data, metrics, metadata, and recommendations.

VIP customers interested in finding out more about the Dashboard and other features available with a paid contract should reach out to their Relationship Manager or submit a demo request.

Version updates and maintenance

Versions of wp-parsely on VIP Platform WordPress environments are managed by VIP MU plugins. By default, the production branch of VIP MU plugins will always deploy the most current version of wp-parsely.

Advance notice and details of upcoming wp-parsely releases are posted in the VIP Lobby. An upcoming version of wp-parsely is made available on the staging branch of VIP MU plugins where it can be tested on non-production environments. The staging branch of VIP MU plugins can be configured to deploy to a non-production environment in the Software Versions panel of the VIP Dashboard.

Last updated: December 22, 2023

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