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Add “Powered by WordPress VIP” to a site

WordPress VIP appreciates when customer sites display a “Powered by WordPress VIP” link in the footer of their theme. In some cases, service agreements with WordPress VIP may require that the “Powered by WordPress VIP” link is displayed on a site. Questions about this requirement can be submitted to a customer’s relationship manager or to VIP Support.

The “Powered by WordPress VIP” link is typically added to the footer of a site by using the existing vip_powered_wpcom() helper function.


Default value: “text”

Accepted values: Mixed. Optional. Accepts integers 1 through 6 or the string “text”. If any other value is supplied the function will return an empty string.

Displaying text

When the vip_powered_wpcom() function is added with no arguments:

<?php echo vip_powered_wpcom(); ?>

The following markup is output on the front end:

Powered by <a href="" rel="generator nofollow" class="powered-by-wpcom">WordPress VIP</a>

A second argument can be passed to update the “Powered by ” text that appears before the link. Values passed for this argument will only apply to the output if the first argument is set to text. The supplied value should include a trailing space.

For example:

<?php echo vip_powered_wpcom('text', 'This site is powered by '); ?>

The vip_powered_wpcom() function accepts $display argument values 1 through 6 to override the text default and display a linked logo instead.

For example:

<?php echo vip_powered_wpcom(4); ?>

The logos output by values 1 through 6:


Last updated: March 11, 2024

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