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Maintenance Mode plugin

If added, the maintenance.php drop-in will be ignored by a VIP Platform WordPress environment. The Automattic-authored “Maintenance Mode” plugin is the suggested alternative for the functionality that the maintenance.php drop-in provides.

The Maintenance Mode plugin can temporarily block a site from public traffic until site maintenance is complete. A customized page template and messaging can be served to users while the plugin is enabled.

After the plugin is installed, activated, and configured:

  • Only registered users with at minimum an Author role will have the ability to access the site.
  • The access restrictions will only apply to content that is generated by WordPress. Media and static assets will continue to be publicly accessible.
  • Content will continue to be syndicated via Jetpack’s content distribution tools. To change this behavior, refer to Controlling Content Distribution via Jetpack.

Last updated: May 11, 2024

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