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Local and cloud development

Developing code, debugging code, and performing minor testing can be more convenient on a local or cloud development environment than on a non-production VIP Platform environment

Supported options

To create a local environment that most closely replicates a VIP Platform environment, use the local and cloud development options provided by VIP. Because these options are built and maintained by VIP, VIP Support can assist with any questions or issues related to the VIP Local Development Environment or GitHub Codespaces by VIP.

VIP Local Development Environment

The VIP Local Development Environment is built into VIP-CLI and has the same web stack as VIP Platform environments (e.g., WordPress, NGINX, PHP) built-in. The staging branch of VIP MU plugins is automatically loaded, supplying VIP Platform integrations, enhancements, and helper functions.

Multiple local environments can be created and configured with their own unique settings, including versions of software (e.g., WordPress, PHP), WordPress multisite, and optionally enabling features such as Elasticsearch and XDebug.

GitHub Codespaces by VIP

GitHub CodeSpaces is a cloud-based development environment that enables developers to write, test, and debug code directly in the cloud. GitHub Codespaces environments can be created based on WPVIP’s infrastructure using configuration (config) files authored by VIP. The config files can be further customized for the Codespaces environment to have nearly identical settings as an individual application.

Unsupported options

Customers can choose to use any local or cloud application for development. However, VIP is not able to provide support for any local or cloud development application other than the VIP Local Development Environment and GitHub Codespaces environments created with a VIP-authored configuration file.

For customers who choose to use an alternative local development application, documentation is provided to help set up the required codebases for their VIP application.

Last updated: February 06, 2024

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