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Static asset caching

Static assets for WordPress and Node.js environments are cached and served by VIP’s edge cache servers.

Static assets include:

The cache for a static asset file located within an environment’s deploying branch is automatically cleared upon a code deployment that includes an updated version of that file.

Cache-control headers

By default, static files are cached with a Cache-Control HTTP header set to cache-control: max-age=31536000 (1 year). If a Cache-Control HTTP header is set to a s-maxage response directive, the s-maxage value will take precedence over max-age.

  • The value of max-age or s-maxage can be modified in order to customize the duration of caching for static assets that are served by the origin application web server.
  • The max-age and s-maxage header values cannot be modified for files that are stored in the VIP File System.

Last updated: June 03, 2024

Relevant to

  • Node.js
  • WordPress