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Download a database backup for a network site

Download a database tables from a backup copy for an individual network site on a WordPress multisite environment.

In the application view of the VIP Dashboard:

  1. Select an environment from the environment dropdown located at the upper left of the VIP Dashboard.
  2. Select “Database” from the sidebar navigation at the left of the screen.
  3. Select Database Backups from the submenu.
  4. Select the date of the backup for download. Database backups are grouped by date, and dates can be selected from buttons in a carousel labeled “Select a date.” The buttons also display the number of backups available for download for each date.
  5. Select the “Configure Download” button to the right of a database backup.
  6. In the “Configure your backup copy” modal, select “A single network site.”
  7. Select the search field below “Select a network site” to display the first ten network sites from the multisite.
  8. Select a site from the dropdown list. A site can also be found by typing the site’s network site ID or home_url into the search field as a search term.
  9. Select the “Generate Backup Copy” button to the right of a database backup.
    The button label will display the text “Preparing Backup” while the database backup file is being prepared for download.
    Backup files for larger databases will take a longer time to prepare.
  10. The button label will display the text “Download” when the database backup file is ready for download. Select “Download” to download the file to the user’s local machine.
Example screenshot of the “A single network site” database backup option for a WordPress multisite environment

Last updated: June 17, 2024

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