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Check the status of an import

Check the status of a currently running import with the VIP-CLI command vip import sql status command.

If an import is not currently running, the vip import sql status command will output the status for the import that ran most recently. The timestamp of a requested import and the user who triggered it can be reviewed in the Audit Log in the VIP Dashboard.

Command output

Output from the status command lists the series of steps executed during an import, and displays a progress indicator for each step:

  • Pending:
  • Success:
  • Failed:

An overall status report on the import process appears below the listed import steps. The Status: field will display either Running, Success or Failed.

$ vip @example-app.production import sql status
Checking the SQL import status for your environment...
✓ Performing Search and Replace
✓ Uploading file
✓ Queueing Import
✓ Import preflights
✓ Downloading file from s3
✓ Uncompressing gzip
✓ Checking md5 hashes
✓ Backup db
✓ Importing db
✓ Validating db
✓ Update wp blogs table
✓ Update primary domain

Status: Success ✓ imported data should be visible on your site
Site: example-app (PRODUCTION)
SQL Import Started: 07/01/2022, 1:14:54 pm (2022-01-07T02:14:54.000Z)
SQL Import Completed: 07/01/2022, 1:19:31 pm (2022-01-07T02:19:31.000Z)

Import steps and the operations performed

Import step Operation performed
Performing Search and ReplaceThe search and replace operation(s) running on the file if a search and replace was specified in the import command.
Uploading fileFile compression and uploading to S3.
Queueing ImportQueueing the import job in the system.
Import preflightsPreparing the import job is in the system.
Downloading file from s3Downloading the file from S3.
Uncompressing gzipUncompressing the file.
Checking md5 hashesValidating the integrity of the file and its data.
Backup dbCreating a backup of the current state of the database.
Importing db**Importing the SQL file to the site.
Validating dbValidating the post-import state of the database with the imported data.
Update wp blogs tableUpdating the wp_blogs table: For a WordPress multisite environment, this is the database table that identifies a site in its network.
Update primary domainUpdating the primary domain: For a WordPress multisite environment, if the process determines that the wp_site table of the import has a different domain set in the first row than the primary domain that is assigned to the main site (ID 1) or the environment.

**If an import fails at the Importing db step:

  • An unlaunched environment’s database automatically rolls back to the backup taken prior to the import job.
  • A launched environment will be locked against any additional import attempts and needs to be reset by VIP Support in order for a new import to be attempted.

Failures can occur due to an invalid SQL file, or if there is an error present in the file. If the import fails, the Restore db step is returned in the status output.

Last updated: March 25, 2024

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