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Order of launching sites on a multisite

The “main site” of a network on a WordPress multisite environment is typically the first site (ID 1), and will be listed first in the Network Admin Sites screen.

The main site must be launched with a custom, non-convenience domain (something other than * before any other site on the multisite can launch.

All new sites added to a multisite network will initially exist as subdirectories of the main site’s domain. It can therefore be useful to have a custom domain assigned to the main site (ID 1) for branding purposes, such as or

VIP recommends that the main site is not a publicly accessible site and is used for administrative purposes only. As a non-public site, the main site should have a default theme activated, no content added, and the the Maintenance Mode plugin installed and activated in order to restrict access.

Last updated: January 05, 2024

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