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VIP File System

On the VIP Platform, media files that are uploaded to a WordPress site are not stored in a filesystem that is local to the web container. Instead, an API is used to store the uploaded files in a separate read-only service called the VIP File System. The VIP File System is an external, globally distributed object store.

All of the contents of a WordPress site’s /wp-content/uploads/ directory are mapped to the VIP File System. This design provides better security, allows VIP’s CDN to more easily scale access to a site’s media, and enables the WordPress application to automatically horizontally scale more efficiently across multiple hosts.

The VIP File System provides high performance access to media files associated with a WordPress site. When browsers request these files, they are served through a dedicated system using the same domain as the site, with a long time to live (TTL). Some third-party performance scans may not recognize VIP’s CDN due to content being served from the same domain as the site hosted on VIP.

Last updated: January 25, 2024

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