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Comparison of Elasticsearch options on WordPress VIP

Jetpack SearchEnterprise Search
HostWordPress.comSame origin datacenter and managed by WordPress VIP
CodeJetpack supplied via VIP MU pluginsIncluded in VIP MU plugins
Speed & latencyFast; There may be sync delays for new content depending on the site’s size and publishing frequencyVery fast; hosted in the same datacenter
Local developmentUnsupportedCan be enabled within a VIP Local Development Environment
Offloading of MySQL queries to ElasticsearchNoYes
Custom Elasticsearch queriesNoYes
Customization of what to indexNoYes
Unlimited recordsNo*
*First 100,000 records are free, additional will be billed
Backend searchNoYes
Built-in front-end search UIYesNo
Automatically highlighted search terms on comments and post contentYesNo
Search as you typeYesNo
Boosted and prioritized results based on Jetpack StatsYesNo
Real-time indexingYesYes
Searching across sites on a multi-site networkYesYes
Faceted searchYesYes
Public REST API endpointYesNo
How to EnableOpen a ticket with VIP SupportAdd code in vip-config.php

Last updated: March 13, 2024

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