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Resource restrictions

In order to maintain the integrity of your sites and various services it requires, commands that utilize excessive CPU, memory,  or I/O may be terminated. See the WP-CLI Best Practices section for ways to monitor for and avoid this scenario.

There is also a limitation on the number of commands that can be run concurrently. Production environments are limited to a maximum of four concurrent commands and non-production environments are limited to two.

Applications missing from vip app list

For you to access an application via VIP-CLI, you must have at least read access to the GitHub repository for that application. If you do not see all the applications you expect when running vip app list, please follow this procedure:

  1. Check you have read access to the GitHub repository for the application(s) you expect to see. If you do not have access to these repositories on GitHub then you should contact someone on your team who has admin rights or alternatively contact VIP support.
  2. If you do have read access to the application repository on GitHub, but you do not see the application listed via vip app list then…
  3. Run vip logout .
  4. Run vip and follow the prompts to log in.
  5. Run vip app list. If you are still not seeing all the applications you expect then please get in touch with VIP support.

Note that to run some WP-CLI commands, you’ll need write access to the GitHub repository.

“Status code 401”

You may receive an error including the line Received status code 401, for example:

Failed to fetch apps: Error: Network error: Response not successful: Received status code 401

Please try the following:

  1. Run vip logout .
  2. Run vip and follow the prompts to log in again.

“The command is not permitted at this time”

In certain cases, we block some core and other commands for security, performance, and other reasons. To see a full list of the commands which are available to you, you can use wp help.

“Command cancelled”

This error is received when the command is cancelled either by you or automatically by our systems for exceeding resource limits.

“Connection lost, retrying…”

If your internet connection drops while running a command, we’ll keep trying to reconnect in the background. During this process, you may get a “Connection lost, retrying…” message logged to your console. If we can’t make a connection in the span of 1 minute, we’ll stop trying and you’ll be disconnected from the command.

“Maximum running command count has been reached for the site”

This indicates that there aren’t enough available resources to run the commands or you’ve currently exceeded the maximum number of concurrent commands that can be run. You can use the VIP Dashboard to view (and cancel) running commands.

By default, 2 concurrent CLI commands can be run on non-production sites, and 4 concurrent CLI commands can be run on production sites.

“Error during Handshake”

This typically is due to cases where stdin input is being manipulated through a shell utility such as xargs. See the “Looping” section under “Advanced Usage” for more details.

Last updated: January 13, 2021