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Basic usage

You can view the available commands with the vip --help command:

$ vip --help
  Usage: vip [options] [command]

    app             List and modify your VIP applications
    dev-env         Use local dev-environment
    import          Import Media or SQL files into your VIP applications
    logout          Logout from your current session
    search-replace  Perform Search and Replace tasks on files
    sync            Sync production to a development environment
    wp              Run WP CLI commands against an environment

    -h, --help     Output the help for the (sub)command
    -v, --version  Output the version number

Specifying app and environment

On VIP, each application has one or more environments, such as production, staging, or develop, and each application has an alias that appears in the VIP Dashboard.

An app and its environment can be specified in a VIP-CLI command by providing the app alias or app ID, a dot separator, and the environment name, in the form of:
@<app-alias or app ID>.<env>.

Some example WP-CLI commands run on a production environment with the alias wpvip:

$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp option get home
$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp user list
$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp post list --posts_per_page=100
$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp cache delete example-key 


In the examples above, the double dash (--) before wp separates arguments of the vip command from those of the wp command. You should always include them to avoid unexpected issues due to parameter conflicts.

Command output can be redirected and piped for creating powerful workflows and tools:

$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp user list --format=json | jq
$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp term list category --format=csv > category.csv 

Interactive shell

VIP-CLI includes an interactive shell mode that provides a terminal-like interface into your WordPress site. Run the VIP-CLI command in the pattern of vip @<app-alias>.<env> -- wp to enter the interactive shell mode, then WP-CLI commands can be run on their own:

$ vip @wpvip.production -- wp 
wpvip.production:~$ wp option get home  
wpvip.production:~$ wp cache delete my-cache-key my-cache-group 
Success: Object deleted.

Using the interactive shell mode is a convenient way to run multiple commands on the same environment and behaves much like a standard terminal or SSH session would. While the interactive shell looks and acts like a standard terminal, it does not currently support bash operators or commands (e.g. xargs, variable substitution, etc). Those commands need to be run in the standard VIP-CLI format.

Cancelling a command

  • From the VIP-CLI: Type the keyboard abort command Control + C.
  • From the VIP Dashboard: Navigate to the WP-CLI Log. Click on the red cross button to cancel the command.


In both cases, only the user who started a command can cancel it.

Last updated: August 15, 2021