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The VIP Go caching system does not vary for most cookies (exceptions listed below). If you personalize content based on a cookie not in this list, the response will be cached and served to the next user regardless of whether they have that cookie with the same value or not.

If a request has one of the following cookies, it will PASS cache (the request and response will be considered uncacheable):

  • A WordPress comment cookie
  • A WordPress test cookie
  • A WordPress post password cookie
  • A WordPress authentication cookie
  • A WooCommerce session cookie
  • The VIP Go cache bypass cookie vip-go-cb (must have a value of exactly 1)
  • A PHP session cookie

If the TTL is less than or equal to 0 AND the response status code is less than 400, OR there’s a Set-Cookie header, OR a Cache-Control header with a private value, OR a Vary header with a value of *, then that URL will be marked as uncacheable (hit-for-pass) for 10 seconds. For this reason, setting cookies on busy pages or endpoints can affect the stability of your application.

In most cases, the most straightforward way to handle the limitations above is to move user-level interactions client-side using JavaScript.

Last updated: April 09, 2021