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VIP codebase

On the VIP Platform, each application’s code lives within a repository (repo) in the wpcomvip GitHub organization. By default, this repository is private but can be public if required. Once the repository is created, it can be used for development, or simply to push work to it as a git remote and use any existing infrastructure (e.g. Beanstalk, Bitbucket, etc.).


The GitHub repository for each Node.js application is based on the vip-go-node-skeleton.


The codebase of a VIP Platform WordPress environment includes WordPress Core, VIP MU plugins, and custom code committed to an application’s wpcomvip GitHub code repository. The GitHub repository for each WordPress application is based on the vip-go-skeleton.

Only the directories (and their contents) and files listed below are deployed to environments. Any other directories or files that are added to the root of an application’s GitHub repository will not deploy as expected.

Directories provided in an application’s repository that are required:

Directories and files that are provided and can be optionally removed:

Last updated: January 18, 2023