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Plugins is a paid content analytics plugin that gives creators, marketers, and developers the tools to understand content performance and prove content value.

The plugin is already integrated on all WordPress VIP sites via a lightweight platform plugin called wp-parsely. This plugin appears in the “Must-Use Plugins” list, alongside other core WordPress VIP functionality in the WordPress Admin (wp-admin).

Basic Integration

The wp-parsely plugin is automatically:

  • Adding the tracking code to all pages of WordPress VIP site. The tracking code is a small piece of JavaScript code that monitors user actions and relays them to the analytics servers.
  • Including metadata in one of’s recognized formats (either JSON-LD or repeated meta tags) on all pages of the site. You can exclude this using the wp_parsely_metadata filter if valid JSON-LD metadata is implemented outside of the plugin. By default on VIP, the non-conflicting meta tags format is enabled. This can be changed in the wp-parsely settings page on wp-admin.

The dashboard, where the collected data for a site is visualized, is accessible with a paid plan. VIP customers can reach out to their Relationship Manager to find out more, or by completing a Get Demo request.

Enabling the plugin

The recommended way to run on the VIP Platform is through the managed version provided by VIP’s Must-Use Plugins. To do so, the following snippet has to be included in the plugin-loader.php file:

add_filter( 'wpvip_parsely_load_mu', '__return_true' );

This code will load the latest version of the plugin. The version will be automatically updated by the VIP team. If a customer wants to stay on a specific version, pinning is available (although not recommended). Note that version pinning is possible down to the minor version (3.1.x), it is not possible to pin down to a patch version (3.1.2). It can be achieved by adding the following code:

    function() {
        return '3.1';

Disabling the plugin

Disabling the plugin is not recommended. The data collection powered by the plugin is required for future VIP Platform features, including possible CMS editor integrations; auto-tagging with natural language processing; content recommendation add-ons; site/channel traffic statistics; and content engagement dashboards. Disabling may result in a less-than-ideal VIP product experience in the future.

If there are concerns about the performance impact of the JavaScript SDK, refer to’s documentation, “Will the tag break or slow down my site?”

If page metadata is causing issues on a site, report the issues in a support ticket so that the Support team can assist. In some cases improvements can be made to the plugin to reconcile a site’s metadata.

To disable for a site on a VIP Platform, set the wpvip_parsely_load_mu filter to false in the plugin-loader.php file:

add_filter( 'wpvip_parsely_load_mu', '__return_false' );

Advanced Integration

The wp-parsely plugin is customizable and extensible, both from the wp-admin interface and through PHP and JavaScript WordPress filters. Refer to’s Technical Documentation for more details.

Testing and troubleshooting

  • The Validator tool can be used to verify that the plugin settings for the site are correct and the tracker is tracking page data.
  • The browser’s developer tools can be used to confirm that a site is sending page views and/or video starts.
  • A site must be publicly available for the plugin to work. Sites under restricted access are incompatible.
  • can only collect data from publicly accessible URLs. Password-protected pages, or pages blocked from crawler user agents, are incompatible.
  • The WordPress plugin is compatible with decoupled WordPress setups. However, some work in the client application is required. Please check the technical documentation and reach out to our support team if needed.
  • A comprehensive list of configuration options can be found in the technical documentation.
  • Additional integration issues can be diagnosed with’s troubleshooting guide.

Last updated: March 16, 2022