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Enable VIP Search in code

⚠️ VIP Search is in limited beta

This documentation is subject to change. Features described here may not be available, may not be fully functional, or may change without notice, prior to general availability.

This step enables VIP Search integration with the default allow lists.

Code changes required

Add the following constant defines to vip-config.php (which is equivalent to adding them to wp-config.php)

define( 'VIP_ENABLE_VIP_SEARCH', true );

If you are indexing a multisite, also add

define( 'EP_IS_NETWORK', true );

This should be all you need to do to have Elasticsearch (ES) index your content and offload standard (search) queries.

If you previously used Jetpack Search, the es-wp-query adapter, or another variant of ES, you’ll also need to remove them.

Disable and remove all other Elasticsearch-backed functionality. VIP Search uses forks of es-wp-query and ElasticPress that are loaded automatically. No other Elasticsearch backed functionality is supported while VIP Search is enabled.

If there are conflicts, PHP warnings or notices should be issued; check New Relic’s error logs for these.

If you are converting from Jetpack Search to VIP Search, and your site is already live and serving traffic, you can avoid search downtime by enabling just VIP Search first (with VIP_ENABLE_VIP_SEARCH), which will start indexing new changes without affecting Jetpack.

Then continue to follow this guide to set up your allow lists and indexes. Once those are ready and reporting good health, you can remove the Jetpack Search related items noted above. Enabling VIP_ENABLE_VIP_SEARCH_QUERY_INTEGRATION will then send queries to VIP Search.

Last updated: April 09, 2021