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Map a domain to your site

Domains can be mapped in the VIP Dashboard with the following steps. Access to the VIP Dashboard is controlled via GitHub. If you do not have access to the VIP Dashboard, please contact an Administrator of your WordPress VIP-associated GitHub repository.

When adding a domain, choosing to include or not include www in the domain you add the fully qualified domain name (FQDN). In a multisite, these redirects will need to be handled specifically in the vip-config.php file, as outlined below.

  1. Select the “Domains” link from the sidebar. From there, select the “+ Add Domain” link at the top right.
  2. Enter the domain, click “Add Domain,” and after a short wait, the domain will appear in the list of domains associated with your environment.

Point DNS to VIP

Once you’ve confirmed that the site is ready to go public, you can point the DNS of your domain to VIP to make your VIP site available to the public.


If your site has a reverse proxy configuration review the set up instructions before updating DNS for your domain.

  1. To the right of each domain, the “•••” button opens an overflow menu to access DNS information and certificates for that domain.
  2. The DNS Instructions screen in the VIP Dashboard provides ALIAS, ANAME, and A Records for root domains and CNAME records for subdomains. VIP recommends using ALIAS records to route your DNS for root domains whenever possible.
VIP dashboard DNS record screen
VIP Dashboard showing the DNS Instructions: IP addresses and URLs have been replaced with example text

Once you have updated your DNS to point to VIP, the speed at which the new VIP site becomes visible at your environment URL will depend on the Time To Live (TTL) that you set for the domain with your domain provider. DNS can take up to a full 24 hours to propagate around the world. We recommend using a service like DNS Checker to confirm that your DNS was pointed correctly and ensure that it is propagating successfully. 

You can also run a command via the Command Line Interface (CLI) to confirm that your DNS is pointed correctly to the ALIAS, ANAME, A record, or CNAME provided via the VIP Dashboard:

$ dig

Add TLS Certificates

Once your DNS is pointing at VIP, Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates can be provisioned from the TLS Certificates menu.
Custom TLS certificates from a different certificate authority can be procured by following a separate set of steps.

Domain mapping for multisite

  • For multisite, domains should be mapped to the application as per the above instructions. Domains must also be mapped to the relevant subsite in the Network Admin using core WordPress functionality. This only allows one domain to be used per site.
  • If you’re using more than one domain per site, set up your vip-config.php file to handle redirecting secondary domains to the desired primary domain for each subsite. Note that for multisite, redirects between non-www domains and www variants need to be specified in vip-config.php.
  • For more advanced multisite domain mapping, you can use sunrise.php and, optionally, a domain mapping plugin.
  • For further multisite information, see our documentation about Multisite on VIP Go.

Last updated: February 22, 2021