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VIP Dashboard

Usage metrics

The Usage metrics panel displays HTTP requests tracked by VIP to measure a customer’s usage of the platform. An HTTP Request, also known as a web request, can be for HTML web pages, static resources such as images, JSON data sent by APIs, and more.

The Usage metrics panel is located in the Organization view of the VIP Dashboard.


To access the Usage metrics panel a user must have at minimum an Org member role.

Chargeable requests

By default, the data displayed in the “Chargeable requests” chart displays a sum total of all chargeable requests made over the last 30 days to all applications within an Organization.

Chargeable requests (Application Requests and API Requests) are displayed by request category (“APP” and “API”) as well as a summary of both (“TOTAL”).

“Allowance Avg.” represents the monthly allowed requests for an Organization’s account divided by the number of days in the filtered date range.

Refer to WordPress VIP’s Unit for Traffic and Platform Utilization Measurement for a more detailed analysis of how VIP calculates requests.

Screenshot of an example “Chargeable Requests” chart visible in the Usage metrics panel

Requests by category

Application (App) Requests

  • Count towards platform usage.
  • Definition: Requests where the response has a content type of HTML or XHTML
  • Examples: web page views, redirects, 404 Not Found, editorial activity

API Requests

  • Count towards platform usage.
  • Definition: Requests where the response has a content type of JSON
  • Examples: REST API, GraphQL API

Static Requests

  • Do not count towards platform usage.
  • Definition: Requests that don’t fall into the above definitions
  • Examples: CSS, images or JavaScript

Requests from within Automattic and VIP infrastructure do not count towards platform usage.

Filtering Chargeable Requests data

The Usage metrics dashboard provides access to historical chargeable request data from 5 December 2020 for analysis.

By day

Chargeable requests per day can be viewed by hovering over the displayed timeline graph.

By month

The most recent 30 days of Usage data is displayed by default. To access other monthly date range views:

  • Select the drop down labeled “Show:
  • Select one of the listed available date ranges.

By application

Two methods are available for viewing usage data for individual applications associated with an Organization.

Method 1

  • Select the date range drop down labeled “Application:
  • Select one of the applications listed in the dropdown
  • An application can also be found by typing the app’s alias name in the available search field.

Method 2

  • Select one of the applications listed below the displayed timeline graph.

Sharing Usage metrics views

Filtered views of Usage data create unique URLs that can be copied from the browser address bar and shared with other Organization users with an Org role of “Member” or higher.

Plan Details


To access the Plan Details panel a user’s Org role must be set to “Admin”.

Plan details are a summary of a customer’s contract with VIP, including “Uptime SLA”, “Code Review”, “Ticket SLA” and any “Add-Ons”. These are displayed in the upper right of the Usage metrics panel.

Last updated: August 12, 2022