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Org role and permissions

Users granted access to an organization’s VIP Dashboard are assigned one of three Org roles (in order of most privileges to least): admin, member, and guest.


  • Intended for a member of the organization who requires the ability to manage user access for all other team members and the ability to manage all of the organization’s applications. Typically assigned to an organization’s account owner.
  • Has all permissions for all of the organization’s applications.


  • Intended for users that need to see more information than basic organization data, but do not necessarily need admin privileges to manage applications. Useful for members of an organization with a business role.
  • Has some permissions for all of the organization’s applications.


  • Intended for users that should only have access to a limited number of the organization’s applications.
  • Has permission to log in to an organization’s VIP Dashboard with limited visibility. Other permissions are defined by the App role assigned to the user per-application.

List of permissions

PermissionOrg guestOrg memberOrg admin
View applications from an organization that the user was granted access toYYY
Query for a list of all organizations the user has access toYYY
View an organization’s contactsYYY
View a list of applicationsYY
View a list of users for the organization YY
View the organization’s Usage – Monthly Platform Requests for Total Requests of an organizationYY
View the organization’s Usage – Monthly Platform Requests for Application Usage of an Organization’s production appsYY
View the organization’s Audit Log YY
View their own Org roles and Org roles of other users in their organizationYY
All permissions that apply to the App admin role* for all applications in the organizationY
View an organization’s Usage Plan Details, including Code Review level, Ticket SLA, Add-ons, etc. This is separate from the organization’s Usage Monthly Platform RequestsY
Set user Org roles for users in their organizationY
*Except for the Create a pre-signed URL for self-service imports permission

Assign an Org role

The settings panel for assigning an Org role to a user is accessed by using the “Invite User” process or the “Edit Permissions” process.


Only users with an Org admin role can invite, remove, and manage user access levels for other users in the VIP Dashboard.

If an organization currently has no users with the Org admin role, and existing users are unable to view certain features such as the organization’s Usage Plan Details, contact VIP Support for assistance.

By default, the Org “Member” role is selected for a user. Select an Org role (Admin, Member, or Guest) to assign access permission levels to the new users.

Screenshot of Org role settings for users on the VIP Dashboard

Last updated: November 22, 2022