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VIP Dashboard

The VIP Dashboard is the home for managing VIP Platform applications. Upon signing in, a list of all apps available to a user is visible.

User access and authentication

GitHub is used to authenticate access to the VIP Dashboard. In order for a user to have access to the VIP Dashboard for an application, the user must have access to the GitHub repo for that application. Some parts of the dashboard require read access to the repository to view, while other parts, and many actions, require write or admin access.

An “e002 User Not Found!” error indicates that we were unable to find any VIP Go repositories the user has access to. If the GitHub user account does not have access to any VIP Go repositories, authentication will not be successful. 

Application view

The main Dashboard panel displays a list of Open Pull Requests, recent Deployments, and links to the WordPress login andGitHub repositories for each of the app’s environments.


A snapshot of the health of WordPress applications running on the VIP Platform.

Data Sync

A real-time data syncing tool to copy content from production to a child environment.


Add domains, view DNS Instructions, check the status of DNS for an added domain, install a Let’s Encrypt or custom TLS certificate, and launch a subsite on a WordPress multisite.


The VIP-CLI tool offers a command line interface for interacting with applications on the VIP Platform. Click on your profile icon to set up the VIP-CLI.

IP Allow List

Manage access to an application by IP.

Basic Authentication

Manage Basic HTTP Authentication credentials for an application.

HTTP request log shipping

Ship an environment’s HTTP logs to an AWS S3 bucket of your choice.

Organization view

The Organization view provides information pertaining to an organization’s use of the VIP platform, across multiple applications when applicable. The Organization view in the VIP Dashboard is only accessible for users with “Org Viewer” permissions enabled.

Audit Log

Displays an audit trail of all application management actions.


Displays HTTP requests tracked by VIP to measure a customer’s usage of the platform.

As we continue to design and develop new platform functionality, we are looking for testers to provide feedback on early ideas and prototypes. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch via our Feedback Portal.

Last updated: October 14, 2021