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VIP Dashboard

The VIP Dashboard is a portal for application management, and for users to interact with the WordPress and Node.js VIP Platform environments that belong to applications.

More information and support options can be accessed by selecting the button labeled “Help Center” located in the upper right of the screen. The Resources tab in the Help Center provides a search field for VIP’s documentation, and links to a group of information resources for VIP Platform features.


To access the VIP Dashboard, a user must be invited to an organization with an Org role assigned to them. Invitations are created based on a user’s email address, and a user’s email address can be invited to the VIP Dashboard by more than one organization. After accepting an invitation, users can log into the VIP Dashboard with multi-factor authentication managed by Enterprise Authentication.

A user’s ability to access and interact with areas of the VIP Dashboard for each application is defined by the Org role and the App role that is assigned to them.

Application view

The VIP Dashboard application view provides access to more information about the environments that belong to that application and manage their settings.


The default Dashboard panel of the VIP Dashboard provides a snapshot summary of activity related to an application.


  • Health – Monitor: Review HTTP Response Codes for an environment from the most recent 24 hours.
  • Health – Logs: Review recently fetched Runtime Logs for a WordPress or Node.js environment.

Network Sites

Access a list of a WordPress multisite environment’s network sites, related information about each site, and the ability to begin a launch for a network site.


  • Data sync: Sync database content from a WordPress production environment to a non-production environment.
  • Database Backups: Download SQL Database Backups on Demand.
  • Media Backups: Download media files associated with a WordPress environment.


  • Plugins: A list of an environment’s plugins, available version updates, and security vulnerabilities reported by Codebase Manager.


A log of deployments for both WordPress and Node.js applications.


Audit Log

View an audit trail of all management actions that occur on that application.


View a log of all WP-CLI commands run against an environment of an application.


Purge one or more resource URLs for a WordPress or Node.js environment.


Organization view

The VIP Dashboard organization view provides access to more information about members of an organization, the applications that belong to it, and manage user access to those applications. Users with access to more than one organization can view a list of those organizations in the My Organizations panel.


HTTP requests tracked by VIP to measure a customer’s usage of the platform.


View and manage user access to the VIP Dashboard for an organization’s team members.

Audit Log

View an audit trail of all management actions that occur on applications belonging to that organization.

As VIP continues to design and develop new platform functionality, testers that provide feedback on early ideas and prototypes are always needed and appreciated. Users who would like to get involved can get in touch via VIP’s Feedback Portal.

Last updated: April 04, 2023

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