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VIP Dashboard

The VIP Dashboard is where users manage VIP Platform applications. Upon signing in, a list of all applications available to a user is visible.

User access and authentication

Logging in to the VIP Dashboard requires multi-factor authentication managed by Enterprise Authentication

A user’s ability to access and interact with areas of the VIP Dashboard is defined by the Org role and the App role that is assigned to them.

Application view

The main Dashboard panel displays a list of Open Pull Requests, recent Deployments, and links to the WordPress login and GitHub repositories for each of the application’s environments.


View information and links related to an application’s environment, and access the Deployments log panel.


The Health panel provides a health snapshot for WordPress and Node.js applications on the VIP Platform. Recent HTTP Response Codes and Runtime Logs for an application can be reviewed on this panel to help identify potential and real issues with an application.

Network Sites

A list of all existing sites on a WordPress multisite network and related information for each.



A log of deployments for both WordPress and Node.js applications.


Audit Log

View an audit trail of all management actions that occur on that application.


View a log of all WP-CLI commands run against an environment of an application.


Purge one or more resource URLs for a WordPress or Node.js environment.


Organization view

The Organization view provides information pertaining to an organization’s use of the VIP Platform, across multiple applications when applicable.


View HTTP requests tracked by VIP to measure a customer’s usage of the platform.


View and manage the organization’s user access to the VIP Dashboard.

Audit Log

View an audit trail of all management actions that occur on applications belonging to that organization.

User settings

A user can review basic information about their roles & permissions across all organizations by selecting their avatar in the upper right of the VIP Dashboard and revealing a dropdown menu.

As VIP continues to design and develop new platform functionality, testers that provide feedback on early ideas and prototypes are always needed and appreciated. Users who would like to get involved can get in touch via VIP’s Feedback Portal.

Last updated: September 09, 2022