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You can download hourly backups of your site’s SQL database from VaultPress, accessible from your site’s WordPress dashboard under the Jetpack menu. These backups are provided for use in a local development environment.

The VIP platform also backs up your site on an hourly basis, via a separate process. These backups are not affected by whether or not VaultPress is connected to your site.


If you have a multisite environment, each site is stored separately in VaultPress. The shared multisite tables are included in the backups for subsite 1.

Only wp_-prefixed tables are included in these backups. You can then import this backup into your local development environment using WP CLI. You will need to remove the jetpack_options row before importing into a local or staging environment to avoid creating Jetpack conflicts with your production site.

Although VaultPress on VIP Go offers SQL backups only, your media library is redundantly backed up and secure. A copy of your media library can be requested in a VIP support ticket.

Last updated: April 09, 2021