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Enterprise Authentication

Enterprise Authentication provides features such as user access management for the VIP Dashboard and VIP-CLI. User access management enables users with an Organization (Org) admin role to control other users’ ability to view, manage, or trigger actions on applications and environments in the VIP Dashboard.

Access permissions for users are defined by their assigned Org role, and App role (assigned to users with an Org guest role).

  • A user must have at minimum an Org guest role assigned by at least one organization to have the ability to log in to the VIP Dashboard.
  • Users with access to the VIP Dashboard also have the ability to install VIP-CLI. A user’s permissions to interact with an application using VIP-CLI is defined by the user’s assigned Org role, as well as the user’s App role if they have an Org guest role.
  • Access to an application’s GitHub repository is not required to access an organization’s VIP Dashboard.

Invite new users, edit user permissions, and see a list of existing users in the People panel in the Organization view of the VIP Dashboard. Events related to creating, modifying, and removing Enterprise Authentication user access are logged in an organization’s Audit Log.

Last updated: April 04, 2023

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