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The WordPress VIP Platform provides a resilient infrastructure that includes full page cache, object cache, database indexes, database read replicas, separate handling of static files, dynamic image size transformation, and auto-scaling of web containers.

However, resilient infrastructure is not a guarantee for a site to perform well in all scenarios. Every site has a unique combination of custom code, third-party code, functionality, site settings, and traffic patterns that contribute to the quality of a site’s performance.

Professional Service Upgrade

Customers who add WordPress VIP Performance Service to their support package can work with a team of VIP’s skilled engineers to address needs and goals related to site performance, conduct performance testing, and identify opportunities to improve the performance of its WordPress VIP hosted website. 

Analyzing a site’s performance, and making any necessary adjustments to improve it, will help to ensure a site’s performance and resilience on a daily basis, and particularly during unexpected high traffic situations.

Use available resources for identifying performance issues, including:

  • New Relic: An application performance monitoring (APM) tool available for WordPress environments and Node.js environments.
  • Query Monitor: Provides a developer tools panel on WordPress sites for debugging database queries, PHP errors, warnings and notices, and more.
  • The Monitor panel of the VIP Dashboard: Displays an application’s HTTP response status code data from the most recent 24 hours.

Last updated: September 20, 2023

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