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Migrating from WPCOM_Elasticsearch to Jetpack Search

Jetpack Search replaces the legacy WPCOM Elasticsearch plugin, which does not support Elasticsearch > 2.0. For stability and customization, we recommend migrating from WPCOM Elasticsearch to Jetpack Search, which works with infinite scroll and has better support for core WP query parameters.

The key changes are:

  • Jetpack Search is directly integrated into Jetpack; no additional plugin required, however, the Search module needs to be activated.
  • The WPCOM_Elasticsearch class has been replaced with Jetpack_Search.
  • Jetpack Search runs off a newer version of Elasticsearch, which has replaced Facets with Aggregations.
  • If you are using the built-in widget, it may need to be re-added as the slug has been changed.
  • The filters from WPCOM Elasticsearch have been renamed:
    • wpcom_elasticsearch_wp_query_args => jetpack_search_es_wp_query_args
    • wpcom_elasticsearch_query_args => jetpack_search_es_query_args
    • wpcom_elasticsearch_found_posts => no replacement available
    • wpcom_elasticsearch_taxonomy_query_var => jetpack_search_taxonomy_query_var

Last updated: October 07, 2020