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vip search-replace

Perform search and replace tasks on files


vip search-replace [options]


-d, --debug Generate verbose output during command execution to help identify or fix errors or bugs.
-h, --help Retrieve a description, examples, and available options for a (sub)command.
-i, --in-place Perform the search and replace explicitly on the input file
-o, --output Specify the replacement output file for Search and Replace
-s, --search-replace Specify the and pairs to be replaced
-v, --version Retrieve the version number of VIP-CLI currently installed on the local machine.


- Replace instances of  with  in the provided 
* Ensure there are no spaces between your search-replace parameters
$ vip search-replace --search-replace="from,to"

- Perform Search and Replace explicitly on the provided input file
$ vip search-replace --search-replace="from,to" --in-place

- Search and Replace to the specified output file * Has no effect when the `in-place` flag is used
$ vip search-replace --search-replace="from,to" --output=""

Last updated: July 11, 2024