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vip dev-env

Use local dev-environment


vip dev-env [options] [command]


-d, --debug Activate debug output
-h, --help Output the help for the (sub)command
-v, --version Output the version number


create Create a new local dev environment
destroy Remove containers, networks, volumes and configuration files of a local dev environment
exec Execute a WP-CLI command in local dev environment
import Import data into a local WordPress environment
info Provides basic info about one or multiple local dev environments
list Provides basic info about all local dev environments
logs View logs from a local WordPress environment
purge Destroy all existing environments
shell Spawns a shell in a dev environment
start Start a local dev environment
stop Stop a local dev environment
sync Pull data from production to local development environment
update Update an already created local dev environment

Last updated: May 07, 2024