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vip dev-env exec

Run a WP-CLI command against a local environment.


vip dev-env exec [options]


-d, --debug Activate debug output
-f, --force Skip validation for a local environment to be in a running state.
-h, --help Output the help for the (sub)command
-q, --quiet Suppress informational messages.
-s, --slug A unique name for a local environment. Default is “vip-local”.
-v, --version Output the version number


- Run a WP-CLI command against a local environment named "example-site".
* A double dash ("--") must separate the arguments of "vip" from those of the "wp" command.
$ vip dev-env exec --slug=example-site -- wp post list

- Target the WP-CLI command against the network site "" of a local multisite environment.
$ vip dev-env exec --slug=example-site -- wp user list

- Run the WP-CLI command "wp shell" against a local environment to open an interactive PHP console.
$ vip dev-env exec --slug=example-site -- wp shell

Last updated: June 05, 2024