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vip config envvar

Manage environment variables for an environment.


vip config envvar [options] [command]


-d, --debug Activate debug output
-h, --help Output the help for the (sub)command
-v, --version Output the version number


- Delete the environment variable "MY_VARIABLE" from the environment.
$ vip @example-app.develop config envvar delete MY_VARIABLE

- Retrieve the value of the environment variable "MY_VARIABLE".
$ vip @example-app.develop config envvar get MY_VARIABLE

- Retrieve a list of all environment variables in the default table format.
$ vip @example-app.develop config envvar get-all

- List the names of all environment variables.
$ vip @example-app.develop config envvar list

- Add or update the environment variable "MY_VARIABLE" and assign its value at the prompt.
$ vip @example-app.develop config envvar set MY_VARIABLE


delete Delete an environment variable.
get Retrieve the value of an environment variable.
get-all Retrieve the names and values of all environment variables.
list List the names of all environment variables.
set Add or update an environment variable.

Last updated: June 05, 2024