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Health – Logs

The Health panel is available in the application view of the VIP Dashboard. By selecting the “Logs” tab in the top area of the panel, recently fetched Runtime Logs for an application can be reviewed.

Runtime Logs provides an aggregated, near real-time view into recent application logs generated by WordPress and Node.js applications on VIP Cloud.

  • Log timestamps are displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • For WordPress applications, Runtimes Logs reports PHP Errors including fatals, warnings, and notices (depending on the error_reporting level defined for an application) as well as any logs that are output using the error_log() function.
  • For Node.js applications, Runtime Logs retrieves output sent to stdout or stderr, which is most commonly handled by the console class.

Runtime Logs can also be retrieved in the command line using VIP-CLI.



To access the Health — Logs panel, a user must have at minimum an Org member role or an App write role for that application.

To access the Health — Logs panel:

  1. Navigate to the VIP Dashboard for an application.
  2. Select “Health” from the sidebar navigation at the left of the screen.
  3. Select the tab labeled “Logs” near the top of the Health panel.

The Health — Logs panel is environment-specific (e.g., Production, Develop). A different environment can be selected from the dropdown located at the upper left of the VIP Dashboard application view.

Display setting options

A new set of Runtime Logs is fetched based on default settings when the “Logs” view of the Health panel is first loaded. The view of the logs can be adjusted by updating the setting options listed below.

  • Auto-fetch is enabled by default. When enabled, new logs are retrieved every 30 seconds and will be automatically appended to the list of logs displayed in the browser. Updated information reporting the number of appended logs and the time the last auto-fetch occurred is displayed below the list of logs.
  • Select a quantity of most recent logs to display in the browser from the dropdown (25,50, or 100).
  • Select the type of logs to view:
    • Application Logs from web containers (i.e. log entries generated by HTTP requests) are displayed by default for both WordPress and Node.js environments.
    • Batch Logs from batch containers (i.e. log entries generated by cron tasks or WP-CLI commands) are available for WordPress environments only.

To apply the updated settings and refresh the view of the displayed logs, select the “Reload logs” button. This action will also retrieve a new set of the most recent logs based on the selected settings.

Download the displayed logs

A CSV file of the current logs displayed—based on any selected settings—can be downloaded to the user’s local machine by selecting the linked “Download as CSV →” text in the upper right of the Health “Logs” panel.

Example screenshot of Runtime Logs in the Logs tab of the Health panel in the VIP Dashboard

Last updated: January 24, 2023