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Subdomains & subdirectories

By default the VIP Platform provisions WordPress multisites with a subdirectory structure. However, after a new network site is created with the subdirectory structure, the URL for the site can be edited and replaced with an entirely new URL. This allows for many different URL structures for sites within a single multisite such as:

  • A pure subdirectory multisite, with site addresses, e.g., and
  • A multisite using custom domains and subdomains, with site addresses, e.g., and
  • A multisite using a mix of both, with site addresses, e.g.,,, and

To achieve the same effect as a subdomain multisite, custom domains and subdomains can be mapped to network sites (e.g.,


By default the VIP Platform supports a subdirectory site with a single segment path, e.g.

To enable a subdirectory site path with two segments, e.g. (both one and two segment paths, as well as a custom domain), a filter must be added to /vip-config/client-sunrise.php:

function my_filter_site_by_path_segments_count( $num_segments ) {
        $num_segments = 3;
        return $num_segments;
add_filter( 'site_by_path_segments_count', 'my_filter_site_by_path_segments_count', 99 );

Last updated: July 19, 2022