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Subdirectory multisites

VIP Go supports a subdirectory site with a single segment path, e.g., with no additional effort.

With a small amount of additional code, VIP Go can support two path segments, e.g. (in this configuration it will support both one and two segment paths, as well as custom domains).

To enable paths with two segments, add the following code to /vip-config/client-sunrise.php:

function my_filter_site_by_path_segments_count( $num_segments ) {
        $num_segments = 3;
        return $num_segments;
add_filter( 'site_by_path_segments_count', 'my_filter_site_by_path_segments_count', 99 );

If you do not need paths with two segments, there is no need to add the above code.

Which subsite should I launch first?

Subsite 1 is the first site in a multisite network and will be listed first in the Network Admin > Sites listing. A non-convenience URL (something other than * must have its DNS pointing to this subsite before any other subsite can launch.

This first subsite can be used for administrative purposes only: it can use a default theme, have no content, and have access restricted by Maintenance Mode. But all new subsites in a multisite network will initially exist as subdirectories of subsite 1’s domain. It can therefore be useful to have a custom domain in subsite 1 for branding purposes, such as or

Data sync considerations

Note that before performing a data sync between multisite environments, a domain mapping file must be created. Further details about data sync on VIP Go.

Plugin access

While plugins are installed via GitHub and are activated at the network level, by default, subsite administrators cannot enable or disable plugins. A network administrator can make this functionality available by checking the appropriate box at the bottom of /wp-admin/network/settings.php.

Enable administration menus: Plugins

Last updated: November 23, 2020