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Comparing search options on WordPress VIP

These are the key differences and technical changes between the search options:

ComparisonsWordPress / MySQLJetpack SearchExternal providerEnterprise Search
TechnologyMariaDB / MySQLElasticsearchElasticsearchElasticsearch
EnvironmentLeverages your environment’s databaseHosted on WordPress.comHosted by your chosen providerHosted in the same origin datacenter and managed by WordPress VIP
APIvia WP_QueryPublic API via;
Authenticated mode available
As supplied by your chosen providerPrivate API; authentication required
CodeStandardJetpack supplied via vip-go-mu-plugins; optionally es-wp-query customer installedAs suppliedIncluded in vip-go-mu-plugins
Speed & latencydepends on table size and complexityFastDepends on the providerVery low latency; hosted in the same datacenter
Limitationscan be very slow on a large or busy siteThere may be sync delays for new content depending on the site’s size and publishing frequencyHosted & supported outside VIP datacentersNo open search API
Local developmentSupportedlocal (i.e. PC/Mac/Linux) data sync is not recommendedDepends on providerSupported via beta VIP local development tools

Last updated: May 14, 2021