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Begin a single site launch

Single site WordPress installs can be launched with the self-launch tool available in the VIP Dashboard.


Users must have access to the VIP Dashboard.

The steps outlined in Prepare for launch must be completed before using the site launch tool.

  1. Go to the VIP Dashboard for your site.
  2. Click on the “Launch your app” button in the upper-left navigation area in order to access the “Launch your application” dashboard.
  3. At least one custom domain will be listed as available under “Add your domain to production” if the prepare for launch steps have been completed. Click on the “Next” link if a custom domain is added, or return to the prepare for launch steps if a custom domain name has not yet been added.
  4. Select a custom domain listed beneath “Set your primary domain” to assign as the Primary Domain for this site launch. Click on the “Next” link when ready.
  5. The self-launch tool will then begin a search-replace on your database replacing the convenience domain with the custom domain you selected in the previous step.

Finish your site launch by following the prompts in the “Launch your application” dashboard, or by following a more detailed guide on completing a site launch.

Last updated: November 22, 2022