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All WordPress sites on the VIP Platform automatically have Jetpack activated with the features of the Jetpack Complete plan. A VIP site’s Jetpack connection is registered with the VIP machine user wpcomvip. This machine user is required for managing Jetpack connections and should not be removed. For security reasons, logins for the wpcomvip user are disabled.

For information on available Jetpack actions, hooks, filters, and features, refer to the Jetpack Developer Resources.

Features enabled by default

Features that are enabled by default when Jetpack is connected to a VIP site:

Incompatible features

The Jetpack Complete plan includes a large number and wide variety of Jetpack features. Not all of the included Jetpack features are compatible with the VIP Platform because they are redundant to features that are already built-in.

Jetpack also offers “bundle plugins” (e.g. Jetpack Boost). These plugins combine small groups of Jetpack features. One or more of these features might be redundant if they are already included in the Jetpack Complete plan, or if they duplicate a service built in to the VIP Platform.

Jetpack features that are identified as incompatible with the VIP Platform infrastructure:

Last updated: December 04, 2023

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