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VIP Code Analysis Bot

Both the VIP Code Analysis Bot and TeamCity are already enabled and configured in all repositories belonging to the WordPress VIP GitHub organization, and no setup or configuration is required by VIP customers. The Bot will automatically analyze any code pushed to GitHub pull requests. The Bot’s purpose is to help maintain quality of the code submitted, as well as to ensure security and stability of the WordPress sites hosted on the VIP Platform. 

The Bot is a software bundle maintained by WordPress VIP. The Bot is triggered and managed by TeamCity Continuous Integration (CI) software. Both the Bot and TeamCity are already enabled and configured.

The Bot is set up to run specific scanners: PHPCS analysisPHP linting, and SVG analysis. The Bot also asks internal APIs for data, performs some checks on its own, then collect the results from all of these and combine them into easily readable GitHub feedback and comments. Because of these scans and checks, the Bot is also able to calculate whether a pull request can be automatically approved.

The scanners and checks run by PHPCS can be selectively enabled and disabled, and the Bot’s behavior can be customized as well.

By default, the Bot only analyzes repositories that deploy to WordPress environments.

The Bot is under active development and is maintained by VIP. Suggestions for improvements can be submitted through VIP’s Feedback Portal.

Last updated: March 25, 2022