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Debugging resources

Debugging resources are available for use on all VIP Platform environments. VIP recommends gaining familiarity with each of these debugging resources and including them in an application’s development workflow.

  • The Debug Bar and Query Monitor are plugins that are loaded by vip-go-mu-plugins on WordPress environments, but must be enabled by a customer in order to be available for use.
  • Logged output for PHP error reporting on WordPress environments including fatals, warnings, and notices—and output sent to stdout or stderr on Node.js environments—is retrievable in the VIP Dashboard Health: Logs panel or with the VIP-CLI Runtime Logs command.
  • New Relic is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool available for WordPress environments and Node.js environments. By default, New Relic is disabled, and must be enabled for environments by a VIP Support request.

The VIP Support team also utilizes these debugging resources to investigate site issues reported by a customer or by VIP’s site monitoring tools. Ensure that customizations made to application code do not block VIP Support’s access to these resources.

Last updated: July 20, 2022