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Begin a Node.js site launch

A Node.js site can be launched on its own or as part of a decoupled site launch.


Preparation for decoupled launches

If the Node.js site loads content from a WordPress site (a.k.a., “decoupled” or “headless”), the WordPress site should be launched first. It is recommended to launch the WordPress site several days before the Node.js site to allow for testing and any necessary adjustments.

Launch the WordPress site

  1. Complete the tasks outlined in “Prepare for launch” for the WordPress site.
  2. For WordPress single sites, begin a single site launch. For WordPress multisites, begin a network site launch.
  3. Complete the launch by testing that the site works as expected and is reachable at the new custom domain.

After launching the WordPress site, update the Node.js site to load content from the new custom domain. Allow several days for testing and any necessary adjustments before launching the Node.js site.

Launch a Node.js site

If the Node.js site is part of a decoupled site, complete the preparation steps for decoupled launches before launching the Node.js site.

  1. Complete the tasks outlined in “Prepare for launch” for the Node.js site.
  2. When ready to launch the Node.js site, point the domain’s DNS to VIP.
  3. After DNS is fully propagated, install a TLS certificate for the domain:
    • Let’s Encrypt is available by default for all domains.
    • Custom TLS certificates installed earlier will be available and working immediately when a site is launched. 
  4. Notify VIP Support that the site has launched, so that they can adjust monitoring and alerting for the site.

Last updated: December 22, 2023

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